World’s biggest BEV Community gathering

On the 23rd this September the world’s largest BEV meeting, 2befair elektrische COMMUNITY, will take place on the grounds of the Zeche (colliery) Heinrich-Robert in Hamm (North Rhein-Westphalia, Germany). It is the follow-up event to last years biggest BEV gathering S3XY CARS Community in Hannover.

The location offers few thousand parking spaces, possibilities for a future fair, a stage program, test drives and space for the electric vehicle camping. An highlight of the event will be the large Tesla Light Show planned for the evening. Everyone, including non-Tesla drivers, are welcome!

The open parking spaces will be additionally prepared and straightened for a festival held this August.

Required tickets

There are 2 tickets required to participate in the event:

  • A Person ticket (one ticket/person, 15).
  • A Parking ticket (one ticket/vehicle, 10).

! For children up to age 12, instead of a person ticket, will need a Kids ticket (1€).

Optional tickets

Want to stay overnight? With a Camping ticket (one ticket/person, 10) you can camp in your BEV. This ticket includes a small breakfast and the usage of sanitary facilities.

Can’t go without your tea or coffee? Well don’t worry, we got you! With a tea & coffee flat rate ticket (10) you’ll recieve a reusable cup with which you may consume as much tea and coffee as you’d like.

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